The purpose of Central Scotland Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Centre is to provide a free and confidential service, which works towards the elimination of the effects of rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse.  The service is available for women, men and young people over the age of 13, throughout Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire.

CSRC&SAC will provide long or short-term emotional support and practical information on legal and medical issues to survivors of rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse.  This support is offered by telephone, face-to-face (by appointment), letter or e-mail and includes advocacy and escort support for medical, police or court procedures.  Support is also provided for family and friends of survivors.

CSRC&SAC raises awareness of  issues and associated matters surrounding sexual violation via community talks and presentations.  We also provide professional training, which can be tailored to the specific agency’s needs.

CSRC&SAC will act as a source of information to central government, local authorities, educational establishments etc and to promote, encourage and/or facilitate research into and the study of social aspects related to all sexual violation.  CSRC&SAC will promote the education, training and skills enhancement of individuals to enable them to provide appropriate support to survivors.

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