The Importance of Planning When Finding Elder Care Online

If everyone in the family is healthy, it is more likely that they won’t bother to find elder care online for those who are starting to age. The tendency is for the issue to become an emergency later on as the family face it unprepared for the worst. However, through planning ahead, you won’t have to come up with rush decisions for your loved ones.

It is better to have a dialogue with the family by simply saying where you intend to stay when you are too old to look out for yourself. Or, you can ask an ageing family member about his own plans for retirement.

There are various aged care centres that you can check when you try to find elder care online. There are those that are inclined to earn while some are church- or community-based organisations.

It is also an option to stay in your own home for as long as you can. No matter what the decision will be, it all starts with getting an ACAT (or ACAS) assessment.

Getting Assessed By ACAT

The Aged Care Assessment Team or ACAT is a group subsidised by the government to evaluate those who apply for aged care. It is valid for 12 months.

The assessment is crucial since it functions as your guide in terms of the level of care that you or your elderly loved one requires and is entitled to. It is through the ACAT that the type of needs will be established, including meals, personal care, and even some modifications to help in one’s mobility.

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Various Types of Aged Care

In trying to find elder care online, you will discover the following as options: in-home support, high-level residential care, or the low-level residential care. Again, the ACAT assessment will always serve as the basis for the selection.

In-home assistance is for those who like to stay in their own homes for as long as they prefer. It is imperative that you find out about any home care assistance found in your area and most importantly if it is applicable to the situation.

There are also low-level residential care homes that can provide help with meals, cleaning, and laundry when it’s no longer manageable for you. They also provide respite care if the care provider takes a break. This type of aged care provides personal and nursing care, rehabilitation and/or physiotherapy, on-site doctors and nurses, and access to health and therapy services.

High-level residential aged care, on the other hand, includes everything in the low-level type of care plus individual assistance, recreational therapy such as exercise and physiotherapy, recreational activities, provision of aids such as medical supplies and walking support, basic toiletries, and pharmacy supplies.

The Cost of Aged Care

The government subsidises most of the aged care cost. It means that even those with little or no extra money will not be without any aged care benefit. There is, however, a “user pays” portion.

The assessment will be able to figure out how much you need to contribute for your own aged care. The basic daily fee includes meals, laundry, and everyday living costs. It is also necessary to pay an accommodation fee.

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Monica Jackson